Solving traffic in cities using artificial intelligence.

Tired of traffic? The average person loses 180 hours a year in traffic, wasting time and contributing to global CO2 emissions. Not counting the 6 months of our lives we loose waiting at a red light. Let Dynamo reduce your travel time, CO2 emissions and make your city smarter today.

Image of text that reads "traffic management is at the heart of the traffic congestion issue."

Dynamo's Smart Traffic Management for Your City

Dynamo’s AI-powered traffic management system makes your existing traffic lights smarter. Our innovative solution significantly reduces travel time and CO2 emissions, while making your city more attractive and productive.  Experience the future of traffic management with Dynamo.

Number image showing 50% travel time reduction

Faster Travel

Our simulated prototype reduces travel time by 50% between point A and B.

Less CO2

Our prototype cuts vehicle emissions on the road by 30%.

Photo of Dynamo revolutionary AI research

Groundbreaking AI Research

Our AI model is trained offline, removing dangerous exploration risks. With just a few intersections for training, our system is plug-and-play. Thanks to our Co-founder and CTO, François-Xavier Devailly, Ph.D.

Ready to take the next step? Dynamo’s highly scalable and easily implementable system can help your city reduce traffic and emissions. Let us show you how.

What's the setup process like?



Evaluate city’s infrastructure, benefits, and potential improvement.


Gather Data

Gather data on a few intersection to be able to simulate results.



Simulate the impact dynamo will have in your city to justify investment.



Implement Dynamo into your city. Make all necessary upgrades, and implement our AI into your traffic lights.

Want to follow our progress solving traffic?

If you’re tired of traffic when commuting, follow us to see our progress solving it!